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Our courses are available via several licence options, designed to offer flexibility to meet different needs. Some were commissioned to meet specific training needs, including replacing traditionally delivered courses. The resources, also called web resources, are freely available for anyone to use.

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Core licensed courses

These are used by local authorities and schools in the UK, and by every Department of Education in Australia, with support from the Federal Government. Course content has been adapted to suit different national and regional contexts.

Courses are available with flexible licence options that can accommodate ministries and departments of education, local authorities, schools, groups and individuals. View licensing options.

A participant completes 12 to 16 hours’ of personal eLearning, supported by an online facilitator. Where capacity is limited, we have a team of associate tutors who can facilitate. Research suggests that blending eLearning with short, face to face sessions results in better learner outcomes than eLearning only or face to face only training.

Courses for Australia

Courses for the United Kingdom

Bespoke courses

Some of our courses were commissioned to meet specific training needs, including replacing traditionally delivered courses.

So far, we’ve created bespoke courses for the Department of Education and Communities, NSW, Australia and the Department of Education and Training, NT, Australia. Despite the thousands of miles between us, the projects have been very successful – so much so, that we’re working on three new courses commissioned by NSW DEC to be published in 2017.

We have our own simple, yet comprehensive, learning management system (LMS) and have adapted this to meet the needs of bespoke courses.

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