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Blended online learning opportunities open up a whole new world for the SEND community – practitioners and parents. What excites me most about OLT courses? The impact they have on children and young people. This is CPD that develops specialist SEND knowledge, and makes a difference that can be measured.

Lead Tutor | Anita Devi

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Professional background

Anita Devi is a special educational needs consultant, policy developer, strategist and trainer with experience (teaching and leading) in early years through to post graduate provision in the UK and overseas.

Relevant qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • Mont. Dip. QTS
  • Cert in Education
  • Adv. Dip. (Human Values Education)
  • Cert. in Kaleidoscope Colour Therapy
  • MA (Ed)
  • Prince2

Participants of OnLineTraining courses are supported by online facilitators, usually those in an organisation who would normally provide support and advice to schools. They act as mentors and coaches to support the transfer of learning into the workplace.

Where an organisation has limited capacity to facilitate courses, or an individual takes part in a course, we have a team of associate tutors who can facilitate.

Associate tutors are experienced practitioners and specialists in the courses they lead. They can provide remote support only, online and Skype, or, in the UK, they can include face to face sessions to enhance the course content, where this is requested.

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Photo of Anita Devi


Milton Keynes, UK

Anita Devi

Anita is the tutor for this course. See her details at the top of the page.

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Photo of Anita Devi


Milton Keynes, UK

Anita Devi

Anita is the tutor for this course. See her details at the top of the page.

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Photo of Judith Bennett


Coventry, UK

Judith Bennett

The online training courses that I have completed have given me an in depth understanding of the issues involved. What I liked most about the courses is that they can be accessed by professionals at any level of experience. They enable you, as a participant to reflect on your own practice and then make changes to improve your practice. The email access to tutor support is invaluable in supporting this process of change.

I constantly refer to the website and use the high quality materials in my day to day work with students and professionals.

Professional background

Experienced teacher of Geography in Comprehensive Schools. 10 Years working as a Pastoral Head also in a Comprehensive School. 9 Years working for the Learning and Behaviour Support Service in Coventry.

Relevant qualifications

  • OCR Diploma in Teaching and Assessing Students with Specific Learning Difficulties
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Photo of Janet O'Keefe


Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK

Janet O’Keefe

Wow! Although I have been a speech and language therapist for over 30 years, I found the SLCN course materials and videos a fabulous resource that can be digested in small chunks. It has great examples and clear accessible language that parents, teachers and support staff can all benefit from when supporting children and young people with SLCN.

OLT are forward thinking and I really love the focus on improving learner outcomes by supporting and training parents and professionals, so that they can generalise and put their learning into practice to really see the difference in the classroom and future outcomes.

I am also excited about the prospect of working with people globally and improving learner outcomes across the world by helping all communities get access to great quality training wherever they are.

Professional background

I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in London in 1985, and worked initially with children and adults in a range of clinics hospitals and schools, including developing my special interest in children with hearing impairment.

In 1989, I became the Chief Speech and Language Therapist for Paediatrics and Learning Disabilities based at a Child Development Centre in Suffolk.

I have worked as an independent speech and language therapist since 1997, undertaking Medico-Legal assessments and reports, and attending courts or tribunals as an Expert Witness.

Additionally, I mentor parents and professionals via online programmes in their own personal development journey.

I believe that everyone has the right to a voice and for that voice to be heard. Through my own experience and expertise, I can show you how to achieve that for yourself, your family or those you work with. My vision for the future is a world that is fairer, fully integrating and including all in society.

I am an author, mentor, speaker and also organiser of SEN Conferences across the UK. I am developing a global online community of parents and professionals.

My husband, Murray, and I have 4 sons, including a kinship adoption of a child with a major heart condition, ADHD and autism.

Relevant qualifications

  • BSc (Hons) Speech Therapy
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Photo of Catherine J Nyman


Kenilworth, UK

Catherine J Nyman

OLT has such a fresh and forward thinking approach, OLT staff are warm, professional and approachable and the information contained in the courses is invaluable. I would like to introduce OLT to as many people as possible!

Professional experience

Catherine is an enthusiastic, dedicated professional with 24yrs experience in the education sector, specialising in impact and outcomes for young people; school improvement, school leadership and strategic planning. Catherine designed and quality assured the Pupil Premium Review for Achievement for All and is passionate about excellence in inclusive education. Supporting and developing CPD and coaching for professionals has been a thread of work throughout the last ten years. She has an excellent theoretical and practical, working knowledge of SEN/SEND issues for children and young people and is passionate about Literacy and all areas of English! Catherine also holds a private coaching clinic in Leamington Spa - her client group are people who wish to make a change or reach for a new goal, both in education and out.

Experience of completing an OLT course

Following my completion of the MCD course I became so much more switched on to issues that children face when I am coaching and working alongside Head Teachers, Senior leaders and SENCo’s. It really helped me to narrow the focus for Senior Leaders when they are puzzled by the challenges a child faces. The course bought this into really stark focus. I found the combination of knowledge, films, quotes, activities and practical tips absolutely invaluable. It was fun!

Relevant qualifications

  • BA (Hons) English, Drama, Business Administration and American Studies
  • PGCE (Upper Primary)
  • M.Ed School Improvement
  • NPQH
  • Outstanding Facilitator (ITP/OTP)
  • Power of Coaching

Professional portfolio

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Photo of Anna Lowe


Maidenhead, UK

Anna Lowe

I have completed the courses on Hearing Impairment and Dyslexia, and participated in the Multi-Sensory Impairment course. I have found all the courses really helpful and informative and would quite like to do more of them myself. Learning more about SEN from excellent resources at my own pace and at the time that is convenient for me is great - I would recommend it to all!

Professional background

Children with visual and hearing difficulties have been the most motivating individuals and groups for me to teach but apart from being a special needs teacher I have also enjoyed teaching languages to adults with no special needs.

My original training and first 7 years of teaching took place in Hungary where I worked as a teacher of the visually impaired at the School for the Blind in Budapest and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have been living in England since 1991. After a break from teaching I joined the Berkshire Sensory Consortium in 2005 as a peripatetic teacher of the hearing impaired and have been involved in providing training in schools on this specialism for mainstream teachers and LSAs since.

Relevant qualifications

  • 2008: Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Hearing Impairment) at Oxford Brookes University
  • 1984: BEd-type teaching qualification recognized by NARIC (Specialism in Teaching Pupils with Learning Difficulties and Visual Impairment at Bárczi Gusztáv College for Teachers of Handicapped Children Budapest, Hungary)
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Photo of Gwyneth McCormack


Wigan, UK

Gwyneth McCormack

The OLT Visual Impairment (VI) course is a positive experience, which provides a clear structured introduction to the breadth of knowledge and skills required to support the successful inclusion of children with VI. OLT training provides a creative and interesting way to further your understanding of the specific and individual needs of children with visual impairments. The videos offer excellent examples of good inclusive practice.

Professional background

Qualified Teacher of Visual Impairments (BPhil. Spec.Ed. V.I. Distinction) Qualified Teacher Status (Cert.Ed). Gwyn is an enthusiastic, passionate, committed and motivational individual, with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of education and visual impairment, which includes:

  • Six years as a mainstream secondary school teacher
  • Eleven years as a Teacher of Visual Impairments in a Peripatetic Support Service supporting children and young people, 0 –18 years old
  • Five years managing a Local Authority, Peripatetic Support Service for Children with Visual Impairments

Gwyn has a clear understanding of inclusion from the School, Service, Child and Family perspectives.

Relevant qualifications

  • Cert Ed, BPhil.Spec.Ed.VI (Qualified Teacher of VI status)
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Photo of Jay Rixon


Milton Keynes, UK

Jay Rixon

I so enjoyed and valued the opportunity to revisit theories behind teaching and learning – to be able to refresh my knowledge on the key principles and practices within theories, while also considering the role of learners with special educational needs. The ETL course supports 1.24 of the 0-25 years SEND Code of Practice 2015.

I found it helpful to set goals that would be measured and to share these with my facilitator. The professional dialogue around these goals, and the engagement with other participants on the forums were particularly helpful. I was really amazed at the difference I felt (in my own competency levels) from the start of the course to the end. The established OLT model is great for measuring the distance travelled through CPD, and the new discoveries that are made through applying this training in situ.

I love that professionals who want to improve their knowledge on a particular topic in education can come to OLT and engage with knowledgeable and supportive facilitators, while also linking with other participants on the course. The high quality materials, online course structure and access to resources is key to providing successful development learning journeys for the profession.

The time spent on an OLT course promises to be knowledge building and self-reflecting, and to move participants forward in their own learning journey. I direct you to the high participation and satisfaction figures for the OLT courses – they clearly benefit the person studying and the people they work with.

Professional background

With 15 years’ teaching experience, I’ve worked with students of all ages (compulsory school to higher education), from a variety of backgrounds and with a range of learning and behavioural difficulties/ disabilities.

I’ve been involved with coaching and mentoring teachers and managers and leading staff development sessions for a diverse range of teachers/leaders. I’ve delivered teacher training courses, designing the assessment and session activities and working closely with the new teachers to support their growth and development.

I come with a background in quality and internal verification processes as well as course design and curriculum development. I’ve been an examiner and moderator for an awarding body, as well as part of key focus groups developing curriculum, so I have significant experience in assessment. I have produced, written and designed curriculum and assessment materials for an awarding organisation, across a range of levels, to be taught in schools and further education colleges.

I am relatively IT savvy – so continually looking at ways in which learning methodologies can be enhanced (not replaced) through technology and innovation.

I am always ready to share my teaching, assessment and curriculum development expertise to help others. I feel I have a lot to offer, especially to educational professionals who seek to develop and grow their skills with the aim of improving learning outcomes for students.

Relevant qualifications

  • Qualified teacher with QTLS
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