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Anti-Racism Contact Officer

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We were commissioned by the Department of Education and Communities in New South Wales, Australia, to build a multicultural eLearning website and make their first course – Anti-Racism Contact Officer (ARCO) – a role required in NSW schools.

The project also involved adapting our Learning Management System to meet the requirements of the site.

We’ve been asked to make a further three multicultural courses, which will be published in 2017.

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Course aims

  • describe the nature, extent and effects of racism in the school context
  • introduce NSW legislative framework of policies and procedures
  • explore the roles and responsibilities of an ARCO and the skills needed when dealing with complaints of racism


Feedback from our participants

One of my aboriginal students made a comment which indicated that there is change taking place. She said ' Miss I don't mind saying that I am Aboriginal anymore, before I never told anyone I was Aboriginal.' The staff are now more informed about racism in schools so it is easier to tackle the issue.

Head Teacher, New South Wales, AUS | Jun 2015

My understanding of the ARCO role has helped me deal with an incident of racism in our school. The development of my capacity to interact with people and ask more open ended and probing questions is a skill I am really developing.

Assistant Principal, New South Wales, AUS | Jun 2015

I am much more aware of the resources available and so are my staff. We have changed how we conduct our PLP meetings so that students are present at the planning stage.

Head Teacher, New South Wales, AUS | Jun 2015

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