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Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders


Course aims

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders course image
  • provide factual information about autistic spectrum disorders
  • raise awareness of the behaviours which arise from these characteristics and their causes
  • describe the assessment of individual needs arising from autistic spectrum disorders
  • provide a basis for the assessment of the environment and its implications for learning
  • introduce a range of strategies for meeting the needs of learners with autistic spectrum disorders
  • provide an overview of a number of specific intervention packages

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Feedback from our participants

I believe tutor led sessions are pivotal to effectively creating an engaging and collaborative learning environment. I have learned that there is a direct path from theoretical discussion to practical strategies.

Secondary Teacher, Tamworth, AUS | Jun 2015

I am more aware of the needs of the ASD child. I am also more flexible with other children and have more tools to help them. By continuing to practice the strategies outlined in this PD I will improve my own practice and become a more effective classroom teacher as a result.

Teacher, Victoria, AUS | Mar 2015

My practice has changed in relation to the focus on following up and rewarding regularly the desired behaviours. I have moved my recognition and reward system to a reward chart to help Oliver visually see his successes as well as hear the positve reinforcement.

Teacher, Queensland, AUS | May 2015

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