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Autistic Spectrum Disorders

United Kingdom

Course aims

Autistic Spectrum Disorders course image
  • provide factual information about autistic spectrum disorders
  • define the distinguishing characteristics of autistic spectrum disorders
  • describe the assessment of individual needs arising from autistic spectrum disorders
  • provide a basis for the analysis of particular behaviours and their implications for learning
  • provide a basis for the assessment of the environment and its implications for learning
  • introduce a range of strategies for meeting the needs of learners with autistic spectrum disorders
  • provide an overview of a number of specific intervention packages

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Feedback from our participants

I am finding the course very interesting as it gives you a real insight of how an autistic child is feeling in every day situations. It is helping me support student in a more confident way and to have more empathy for him when he is having a bad day, and can't communicate to us.

Nursery Nurse, Luton, UK | Apr 2015

I have used some strategies in class and have found saying a student's name to get them to work has really helped. Also I have improved my own teaching by ensuring that I give students longer thinking time and specifically asking if a student understands the task, thereby reducing anxiety.

Teacher, Old Heathfield, UK | Jun 2015

This training has had a tremendous impact on my outcomes. I can identify and empathise with challenges ASD pupils exhibit and now after the training I am more equipped to support them better.

Learning Support Assistant, London, UK | May 2015

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