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Hearing Impairment

United Kingdom

Course aims

Hearing Impairment course image
  • explain the impact of a hearing impairment on development
  • describe glue ear and its impact on hearing and listening skills
  • the different communication modes used by hearing impaired pupils
  • explain the technology that can be used with pupils with a hearing impairment
  • introduce measures that can be taken to ensure inclusion of pupils with a hearing impairment
  • emphasise why assessment is important and what information it can give us
  • provide advice for teachers on working with a hearing impaired pupil in their classroom
  • introduce strategies to monitor and adapt learning environments to meet the needs of hearing impaired pupils

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Feedback from our participants

The course has made me more aware of the needs of a pupil with a hearing impairment and the barriers that they face in every day life. Full inclusion is the key to a pupil's progress and happiness in a mainstream setting.

Teaching Assistant, Brighton, UK | May 2015

As I have returned after 10 years away from working in the field of Hearing Impairment the course enabled me to refresh and update my skills and knowledge. It has provided material I can use with young people, their families and other professionals.

Qualified Teacher of Hearing Impairment, Kent, UK | Jul 2016

I have become more aware of the ineffectiveness of too much "teacher talk" and of the importance of very directed questioning and enabling plenty of opportunities for the pupil to develop and consolidate his learning.

Teaching Assistant, Kent, UK | Mar 2015

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