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Managing Behaviour

United Kingdom

Course aims

Managing Behaviour course image
  • agree what we mean by ‘challenging behaviour’
  • understand how special needs can result in challenging behaviour
  • identify aspects of the environment which can affect behaviour
  • develop a range of strategies for changing moods
  • raise awareness of the importance of establishing rules and routines
  • develop strategies for analysing patterns of behaviour
  • learn how to create incentives and reduce sanctions

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Feedback from our participants

I am much more conscious of how to move students on in small steps and of my positive and expectant attitude being of paramount importance.

Teaching Assistant, Greenford, UK | Jul 2016

The training has helped me think about strategies that could be put into place during lessons to deal with behavioural issues. Hopefully, the students I work with will benefit from my learning too. The key areas I want to concentrate on are: safe, comfortable, stimulating learning environments; praise; sense of humour.

UK | Jul 2015

I now have confidence to stick with strategies like tactically ignoring a pupil then following them up. Student X had daily incidents of poor behaviour. He now has the odd off day, sometimes loses control for a short time, but he is better able to calm down and get back on task. He completes tasks in class and is making good progress.

Assistant Head, Coventry, UK | Apr 2015

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