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Multi-Sensory Impairment

United Kingdom

Course aims

Multi-Sensory Impairment course image
  • provide a definition of and describe the common causes of MSI
  • provide a summary of the main senses and how they work together
  • discuss factors affecting how children use their senses
  • provide a summary of various forms of assessment
  • emphasise the child as the centre
  • describe multi-agency working
  • emphasise the importance of recognising and celebrating outcomes
  • provide signposts to other resources and where to go for more support

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Feedback from our participants

I think this course is a good reminder of all the factors that need to be considered when making sure that the learner has access to the curriculum. A key factor is ensuring that the environment that the learner is supposed to learn in is conducive to learning.

Qualified Teacher of Multi Sensory Impairment, Berkshire, UK | Dec 2014

It really was fascinating thinking about how our senses help us learn, how we would feel if we didn't have those senses and how we would have to adapt. I feel it would greatly benefit the staff involved in the next academic year to do this course too.

Teaching Assistant, Kent, UK | Nov 2014

This training has made me consider how the children with MSI percieve the word around them. I am trying to eliminate unnecessary noise and visual distractions, repeating things when important and starting sentences with the child's name. I am thinking more about the needs of the child first.

Teacher, Berkshire, UK | Dec 2013

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