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Personalised Learning

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We make a new course each year, where a need is identified, which is added to the series of licensed courses. So, when we joined all our Australian partners at their annual meeting in November 2014, and personalised learning was identified as a continuous professional development need, it was agreed that this would become the latest addition to the series.

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Course aims

  • describe the diversity in Australian schools
  • explore our legal and professional responsibilities to students with disability
  • explain the types of assessment and how to adjust assessment tasks
  • show how to communicate student progress to parents and carers
  • describe how to use a whole-school approach to plan personalised learning and support at a school, classroom and individual student level
  • describe the planning process for personalised learning and support using different planning frameworks and scenarios
  • outline a range of evidence-based teaching strategies and adjustments able to be used for meeting the diverse learning needs of students


Coming soon!

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