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Inclusion of Students with Speech, Language and Communication Needs


Course aims

Inclusion of Students with Speech, Language and Communication Needs course image
  • provide a description of how language develops
  • introduce terminology used to describe speech and language
  • raise awareness of the range of difficulties which learners may experience
  • describe informal assessments which can be easily carried out
  • outline a range of strategies to help learners with SLCN

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Feedback from our participants

I plan to use the course strategies as much as I can to support students with SLCN in my classroom. I also plan to use the checklists to assist in identifying students and to develop further resources, e.g. games and charts, to support students in their learning.

I use more visual cues to assist EAL children and allow a lot more 1:1 practice time before expecting children to comfortably speak in front of the class. I have been continuing to use many of the ideas I have gained from the course, and the cohort discussions, with my current class

Going through the process of designing explicit interventions and goals for my students helped me to be more focused in my teaching intentions. It was helpful to pay close attention to sometimes overlooked communication needs and to realign my practice to focus on them.

Teacher, Australian Capital Territory (ACT), AUS | Mar 2015

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