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DfE provide free sensory course places

NatSIP (The National Sensory Impairment Partnership) has secured a grant from the DfE to provide free places on the OLT sensory courses, which are part of the NatSIP training pathway. These places have been shared across local authorities in England and Wales that have expressed an interest in delivering our innovative blended CPD courses.

Each course is made up of 16-20 hours of personal online learning, blended with face to face sessions provided by the specialist tutor. This term, each organisation’s nominated tutors have taken part in the course they will be leading, so that they understand the opportunities the course provides.

Some tutors are already active and there are currently 85 participants who’ve started their course, with many other cohorts starting in January.

Here’s some feedback from Lesley Gallagher, who heads up the East Riding and Yorkshire Sensory and Physical Teaching Service. Lesley will be leading the HI course in January:

Claire Manford, a Specialist Teacher for MSI at Babcock International, talks about her experience of delivering the OLT MSI course in Worcestershire:

Mark works at the RNIB Sunshine House School. He’ll be leading the MSI course in January and is very excited about the opportunities the face to face sessions will provide for hands on workshop activities:

Anne Webster talks about her plans to deliver the OLT VI course in the four London boroughs in January as part of the DfE NatSIP funded programme:

If you’d like to lead or take part in the courses on:

Then please contact:

The DfE grant courses need to be completed by the end of March 2017.

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