Improving learner outcomes

Why OLT blended learning?

The benefits of OLT blended learning

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  • Your learning directly relates to your workplace and is delivered and supported in this context
  • Your online tutor provides support and feedback
  • You can meet an immediate need with OLT courses, e.g. when facing a new challenge in the classroom, as they enable just-in-time learning
  • Learning is completely flexible, taking place at your own time and pace
  • Content is evidence based, written by experts in the field, and regularly updated
  • Forums give you an opportunity to take part in discussions and share experiences and best practice with others
  • Setting goals and interventions means that the impact on pupil outcomes can be demonstrated clearly
  • Individuals or whole schools can participate, and there are no geographical boundaries
  • OLT courses are a cost-effective solution to CPD due to the flexibility of delivery and study
  • The Learning Management System provides organisations delivering the courses with comprehensive management information

In addition, our courses meet the DfE Standard for Teachers’ professional development, which state that professional development for teachers:

  • should have a focus on improving and evaluating pupil outcomes
  • should be underpinned by robust evidence and expertise
  • should include collaboration and expert challenge
  • should be sustained over time

and must be prioritised by school leadership.

Standard for teachers’ professional development

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