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The shared understanding across schools led to sustainable improvements

Senior leader (2023)

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Impact on confidence in overall abilities to meet the needs of pupils with SEND

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  • Somewhat confident
  • Not confident
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Post-training *
Chart for post-training

* 85% of users rate a significant increase in confidence

Source: LMS 2024

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United Kingdom

This course has really opened my eyes to children, the way they move, and organise themselves in the school environment. On learning walks around school, I now see with fresh eyes. I am able to contribute to discussions with the SENCO now about the nature of the difficulties some children experience. I would like the SEND governors I meet to undertake any of the OLT courses. They are invaluable to all colleagues working in school. Great networking opportunities! I also made contact with the local Physio and OT team on behalf of school.

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United Kingdom

Before starting this course, I had no knowledge of Dyslexia. I thought it was just a case of "swimming letters" and confusing b and d, p and q when writing. I now realise that there is much more to it than just these traits! I have learnt the importance of a Dyslexia Friendly Classroom. When we try to make our classrooms as appealing as possible for the majority of our students sometimes, we fail to take into account the needs of a pupil with Dyslexia. Something as simple as changing the background from white to buff on the Smartboard and labelling trays with images rather than just words can save everybody time, not just our struggling pupils. Labelling trays with images rather than just words can save everybody time, not just our struggling pupils.

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Head of Support Service

United Kingdom

It is useful to revisit the different sections and read the information. I can now see how I can use the course materials with staff in the Service, develop their understanding of the impact of a visual impairment, and share their knowledge with staff in schools. I believe this will help them, as they work with children and young people (CYP) with SEND, to support CYP more effectively and set goals that look at the child's academic, social, and independence skills. We are always striving to help a child become an independent young person and I believe OLT’s course will help staff focus on the skills needed to enable this to happen.

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