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The following testimonials are a selection of comments made by participants in their post-course evaluation, and impact statements 90 days after passing their course.

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Before I took this training, I have no confidence to identify correctly the students with behaviour difficulties. This training gave me knowledge about how to understand the behaviours and how to support the students with difficult behaviours. Not only for the students, but this course also gave me knowledge about how to be a supportive teacher, how to handle the class (class management knowledge). The tutor I met was very patient too. When we had a face-to-face sessions, he gave very effective suggestions and was so helpful for my overall learning.
This training has been very useful, I am particularly interested in adding more information to my Autism training notes. I feel more confident to talk about the motor coordination difficulties of CYP with an Autism diagnosis and will feed into the profiling of a young person. The training will have a big impact on my role as Advisor when it comes to talking about whole school adaptions and interventions. I am working with a pupil who currently has a Dyslexic profile and possible motor coordination difficulties, my next steps will be to approach the case with Motor coordination specs on using the assessment tools in the resources as a starting point.
I have a good understanding of strategies that will support the children in my whole class with good practise teaching skills.
This course has definitely improved my understanding of autistic spectrum disorder. I am applying all my new knowledge in my role as a SEND Assistant. This course has developed my understanding of meet the needs of the children I work with, the appropriate assessment tools to use and effective strategies that can be used. I really appreciate the opportunity to have taken part in this course.

Teaching Assistant


As a number of staff have completed the training it can be used as a discussion point when planning as a team to meet the needs of our pupils. This will ensure a broader impact across the school. Understanding attachment disorders makes you consider a more individual approach to supporting children - one size doesn't fit all!

Senior Leader

Attachment and Trauma

The training has help me to improve my knowledge of the behaviour strategies so I will be able to better support the children I work with (to get the class quiet, clap hands or a small count down). The course has taught me that a sanction needs to be explained to the child, they need to know what will happen, (e.g. I need you to complete your work in lesson or you will have to complete it at break time). I have also been more aware in the classroom since doing this training when I have praised a child. Sometime before, I may have just said 'well done or good work' and not actually said what was good e.g. 'what lovely handwriting, or that was a good question you asked'.
This training has been very informative and interesting.
Really enjoyed this training and I enjoyed watching and listening to the videos and hearing the accounts from all angles.

Teaching Assistant


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