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The following testimonials are a selection of comments made by participants in their post-course evaluation, and impact statements 90 days after passing their course.

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Group of people
Due to the current covid conditions, rules and regulations I have not been able to put things into physical practice. However, I am very happy with how the course has gone, what it has taught me and am confident I will be able to put together some good interventions to helps those children who need our help.
As a number of staff have completed the training it can be used as a discussion point when planning as a team to meet the needs of our pupils. This will ensure a broader impact across the school. Understanding attachment disorders makes you consider a more individual approach to supporting children - one size doesn't fit all!

Senior Leader

Attachment and Trauma

I feel this course has given me an improved understanding of deafness and how best to support the children and families I work with.

Advisory Teacher


I'm now much more aware of the difficulties and barriers to learning that deaf pupils face on a daily basis. Being more able to identify when pupil A is struggling or not engaged in learning means I can give support or an intervention when it's needed. Pupil A is beginning to show more confidence with learning and speaking which has produced success that she very clearly enjoys!

Teaching Assistant


This has really raised my awareness of deaf students' needs and how to work with the student to meet them. We've been able to implement a range of steps in our teaching centre to make the rooms better in terms of cutting background noise and being friendlier learning environments for deaf students. We've also managed to get clear guidelines for our local exams staff so that they know which special measures they are expected to provide to accommodate deaf students. This is a big step forward for them as when initially approached the did not know they were expected to make accommodations at all.

Qualified Teacher

Deafness FE

It has given me a wider understanding of what Dyslexia is all about and just how much else it covers other than just reading and writing. I have picked up a lot of great ideas for interventions, tools, games and advice from other attendees to take forward into my workplace.
The training has help me to improve my knowledge of the behaviour strategies so I will be able to better support the children I work with (to get the class quiet, clap hands or a small count down). The course has taught me that a sanction needs to be explained to the child, they need to know what will happen, (e.g. I need you to complete your work in lesson or you will have to complete it at break time). I have also been more aware in the classroom since doing this training when I have praised a child. Sometime before, I may have just said 'well done or good work' and not actually said what was good e.g. 'what lovely handwriting, or that was a good question you asked'.
This course has helped me work with a child in my class it has helped me communicate with him and helped him communicate with me.

Advisory Teacher

Multi-Sensory Impairment

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