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The following testimonials are a selection of comments made by participants in their post-course evaluation, and impact statements 90 days after passing their course.

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This course has given me a greater understanding and awareness of hearing impairments and how better to support the children that I work with.
I have vividly become confident in identifying and supporting children with speech language and communication needs.
I feel more confident in my ability to understand the needs of the students I work with and to provide the best possible outcome for their learning
I really enjoyed hearing from HI learners in the various videos. It helped me to understand what it was like to live in society with hearing loss. I am definitely more confident on how to support my current HI learner and any future kiddies that I may meet. I have really enjoyed getting to know my learner this year - his attitude towards education and life has been an eye-opener to me. I've also enjoyed building a relationship with his mom and our external support teachers. I am happy to have completed this course - it was well worth it. Thank you.
This training is exceptional and very well detailed and laid out. It goes through each stage with great presentations that keep the viewer wanting more. The tutor who helped me was always there to support me whenever I needed and always offering the best advice possible.

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Attachment and Trauma

I will now look to break down targets
It has made me more confident [about] how to support children with hearing impairment.
It has given me additional resources and considerations as to how we respond to mental health in the academy. I feel more confident that our approach is on the right lines and know how to escalate concerns that we might have. It has also allowed me to explore how we can become more proactive in our response.
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