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The following testimonials are a selection of comments made by participants in their post-course evaluation, and impact statements 90 days after passing their course.

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Group of people
I really enjoyed the course and it has given me a better understanding of working with a child with a hearing loss in an education setting and has given me the tools to be able to enhance the pupils experience and has enabled me to be able to provide the best resources to give the pupil access to the same as her peers.
This has really given an insight into ways to assist the VI child in our setting so that they can become more independent both in and out of school. There were lots of tips and advice within the useful videos that have been put into practice straight away. Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic has disrupted the face-to-face sessions as normally there would have been more and we could, as a collective, learned more from each other and discussed our ongoing learning. I have enjoyed this course, gained a lot from it and would recommend it.

Senior Leader

Vision Impairment

Listening and learning from the wonderful learners describing how they feel, how they see, how they learn has been invaluable. Making small changes to enable our learners to have the same opportunity to succeed as their peers. Understanding what we can do as educators to best support our learners with Autism. Understanding it's the environment and communication that needs to be tweaked - reasonable adjustments need to be put into place to enable same access to same information just delivered in a different way. Thinking about how you can teach through visual communication rather than too much talk. This has been a great training tool and I am super pleased I have been able to access. Thank you

Other Position

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Really enjoyed this training and I enjoyed watching and listening to the videos and hearing the accounts from all angles.

Teaching Assistant

Deafness (Hearing Impairment)

This training has really helped me to be more observant and mindful of all the needs of the child I support and has given me more confidence to interact with teachers on his behalf.
This has really raised my awareness of HI students' needs and how to work with the student to meet them. We've been able to implement a range of steps in our teaching centre to make the rooms better in terms of cutting background noise and being friendlier learning environments for deaf students. We've also managed to get clear guidelines for our local exams staff so that they know which special measures they are expected to provide to accommodate deaf students. This is a big step forward for them as when initially approached the did not know they were expected to make accommodations at all.
I am inspired to use my training in the classroom.
My 'view' of Dyslexia has completely changed. I am keen to make changes in my school, along with the SENCo. and possibly obtain Dyslexia friendly school status at some point in the future.

Other Position


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