Improving learner outcomes


The following testimonials are a selection of comments made by participants in their post-course evaluation, and impact statements 90 days after passing their course.

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Group of people
Really good to hear the voice of deaf learners in the HE / FE
Better understanding of children in my class. Thank you
I think this training has given me a very good insight of how to effectively support children with ASD and meet their needs. In class I feel like I am picking up on a lot more ASD traits in students as well which also helps me to support in the classroom.

Teaching Assistant

Autism Spectrum Disorder

The training has extended my knowledge and understanding on dyslexia further.

Qualified Teacher


I am more confident to try other ways of helping children with hearing loss

Teaching Assistant

Deafness (Hearing Impairment)

I now can understand more about how children with a hearing impairment are affected especially within a classroom. I now feel that I can use my skills from this course to benefit them, for example I know where they should be sat and I know the interventions that I can put in place to help them.

Teaching Assistant

Deafness (Hearing Impairment)

I cannot really say too much about the impact yet due to Covid but I feel more confident to spot and deal with issues and create mini interventions for the children to improve their behaviour. Thank you.
I know I said questions 1-3 I was only somewhat confident with; although I’m confident with the theory, I feel like I need more practice in person before I will be fairly/strongly confident. I look forward to implementing this training in my practice, which, due to the school I work at, is very child led
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