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The following testimonials are a selection of comments made by participants in their post-course evaluation, and impact statements 90 days after passing their course.

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I am inspired to use my training in the classroom.
As a DSA specialist mentor, it will give me the confidence to ensure that the VI specialist assessor's needs assessment is implemented to the full at the university. Also, that I can discuss any emerging needs of the student and we can work out a plan to meet them.
I have shifted my focus on building and nurturing a positive relationship with each student and repairing and restoring relationships after a conflict or problem has arisen. It has also made me think about the clear steps I need to take in order to change a certain behaviour of an autistic pupil.
This training has been very informative and interesting.
I feel this course has made me think more, helping me to communicate with children better.
It has made me more considerate of the teaching environment being offered to children who may have a hearing loss as well as their other additional learning needs that I am factors affecting the acoustics of the environment, especially at the present time with Covid restrictions in place and learning sessions mainly being offered virtually.

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This training has helped me understand the learning needs of some of the children I work with and has helped me tailor some of my interventions, especially with regard to instructions and managing their own goals and how to keep them motivated.
This training has supported my understanding of deafness and the resources required for them.

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