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Impact on confidence in overall abilities to meet the needs of pupils with SEND

  • Very confident
  • Fairly confident
  • Somewhat confident
  • Not confident
Chart for pre-training
Post-training *
Chart for post-training

* 85% of users rate a significant increase in confidence

Source: LMS 2024


I now have a wealth of ideas to put into place with pupils. I had not heard of the jump ahead programme, So I will look into that in more detail to see if it can be introduced.
I will be more confident in the classroom implementing strategies for SLCN and to help them access the learning even more. I would like to be able to come back to this to remind myself of different ways of learning as well as different techniques to continue with.
I have learned a great deal on how to support a pupil with VI and have been able to use this information in practice, e.g. new knowledge on additional low impact visual aids which I have now implemented for use in class to support Pupil X. I am more aware in how to meet the needs of the pupil and feel more confident in my day-to-day practice. I also found the case studies particularly informative and useful - these gave me a greater understanding of the needs of a VI pupil and how to meet them.

Senior Leader

Vision Impairment

This course has given me more knowledge and understanding of working with pupils with deaf pupils.

Other Position


I was able to identify an area of difficulty in a student diagnosed with Dyspraxia and set a SMART goal to provide support in this area. He has already shown some improvements with organisation skills. This training has improved my knowledge and understanding in this area which in turn has improved my confidence in carrying out my role within school.
I have been able to use a lot of information on dealing with my deaf student and his abilities, arranged for time out and quiet time, as I have understood the background noise issue and now appreciate how hard it can be. I have recommended this website to two friends who I used to work with, who are now in Primary schools and have put forward suggestions from this course, even something as simple as where to seat the learner. Thank you for extending the course for me, I am so pleased I was able to complete it.

Teaching Assistant

Deafness (Further Education)

I feel the course has given me a greater confidence to support children with challenging behaviour. It was a very interesting and a useful course giving a variety of strategies to use in the classroom, classroom management and the classroom environment. The case studies were very informative too.
This training has helped me to gain a deeper understanding of how to support the children in my class better, once school returns to normal, I will put into practice what I have learned.

Qualified Teacher


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