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Why not join 10,000 schools who've partnered with us to improve the confidence and skills of their teaching team and provide a more inclusive experience for pupils with SEND?

We ensure your team has the right skills at the right time to support all children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and provide quality first teaching.

Impact on confidence in overall abilities to meet the needs of pupils with SEND

  • Very confident
  • Fairly confident
  • Somewhat confident
  • Not confident
Chart for pre-training
Chart for post-training

Source: LMS 2024

Our courses are developed in partnership with SEND specialists and leading institutions to reflect current evidence-based practice. They provide a secure knowledge of the graduated approach, an understanding of assessment checklists and techniques, a toolkit of interventions to differentiate learning, and a support plan to differentiate and personalise learning.


This training has been very useful, I am particularly interested in adding more information to my Autism training notes. I feel more confident to talk about the motor coordination difficulties of CYP with an Autism diagnosis and will feed into the profiling of a young person. The training will have a big impact on my role as Advisor when it comes to talking about whole school adaptions and interventions. I am working with a pupil who currently has a Dyslexic profile and possible motor coordination difficulties, my next steps will be to approach the case with Motor coordination specs on using the assessment tools in the resources as a starting point.
I feel more confident in understanding SI. I can understand when a student describes their condition. I am more confident in being aware of the aids available for a VI student. When I started the course I had a good understanding of students with dyslexia and autism but knew nothing about VI. I particularly enjoyed the section on common eye conditions. My mother suffered a detached retina and I did not understand what that meant at the time but now I do. My son suffers from Astigmatism and short sightedness, and I had little understanding of these conditions. I really enjoyed the course as it was detailed and very interesting. I benefited from seeing all the examples of students at university and how well they were coping.

Qualified Teacher

Vision Impairment FE

To plan my next steps (with an individual or a group) To help give effect on their academic achievements . . .. .t has given me the opportunity to evaluate progress against the outcomes. To develop intervention programmes to suit a childs needs.
This course has given me a greater understanding and awareness of deafness and how better to support the children that I work with.

Other Position


It has given me additional resources and considerations as to how we respond to mental health in the academy. I feel more confident that our approach is on the right lines and know how to escalate concerns that we might have. It has also allowed me to explore how we can become more proactive in our response.
I think this course was useful for me as I am working with an autistic pupil this year. It will help me to understand her needs better and to use appropriate techniques to support her on her way to success.

Teaching Assistant


I am very thoughtful when assisting in a lesson with information I have received during this course.

Teaching Assistant


Because deafness is invisible, it is difficult to understand just how much it can affect a child’s day-to-day life and lifelong potential. However, it is accepted that deaf children are at educational risk. Parents, teachers, audiologists and other professionals should work together with the child, to understand the hearing loss and to advocate for their listening needs. This training provides information and resources about how deafness can impact listening, learning as well as the possible social impact of deafness. Thank you.

Teaching Assistant


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