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Top 5 home learning apps for children with SEN

Jacqui Webber-Gant

Author Jacqui Webber-Gant

Date 23rd Jan 2019


Looking for some methods to help inspire your learners both in school and at home? Online apps have made an entire revolution in education and learning, not only because they are convenient and accessible, but because they help make teaching and learning more fun and memorable. Here are 5 apps to share with your students and their parents / carers, which offer fun, interactive learning and cover everything from autism spectrum disorder to mental health awareness. 

1) Splingos Language Universe.
Perfect for: Speech and language development
An exceptionally high-quality, interactive game designed by Speech and Language Therapists/Pathologists to help children learn listening and language skills. Splingo is a fun alien hosted app that helps develop student's listening and language skills. Instructions range from a very early level of language development, e.g. single word recognition, to much more complex, e.g. instructions combining several aspects of language at once. This app can be used with children aged from 6 to 11 with auditory memory and semanic difficulties.
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2) Learn with Rufus: Emotions.
Perfect for: Autism spectrum disorder.
This fun learning app was designed by Dr Holly Gastgeb, a psychiatrist with over 10 years of experience working with children with ASD.
Learn with Rufus aims to help children learn the facial expressions that correspond to feelings and emotions. The game is highly customisable and is also beneficial for a wide range of children, including those early achievers without any diagnosed learning difficulties.
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3) IDL Mobile
Perfect for: Dyslexia
IDL by Ascentis provides a unique, specialist dyslexia intervention program, which is highly effective for improving reading and spelling. This app allows learners to log in and continue their lessons from an iPad. Learning is developed around five basic principles for dyslexic learners and uses a structured, multisensory approach.
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4) Oxford Owl
Perfect for: Free content
Oxford Owl is an award-winning website from Oxford University Press, created to support children’s learning both at home and at school. A great site for parents, there are lots of free resources to support with learning to read at home (including free e-books). Teachers can visit Oxford Owl for School for thousands of free teaching resources, including storytelling videos, eBooks and downloadable worksheets and teaching notes.
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5) Stop, Breathe and Think
Perfect for: Mindfulness and stress management
Research suggests that relaxation releases tension from the body and brain and helps aid sound sleep. So, after a busy day, encourage children to Stop, Breathe and Think with this fun and easy to use app available from Apple App Store. The app contains over 40 fun ‘missions’ designed to help kids discover the superpowers of quiet, focus and more peaceful sleep.
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We hope you have found this blog useful. Remember, you can also view and download free learning resources from our online resources library. Alternatively, if you are using some apps and resources that you would like to share, why not let us know in the comments section below? 

For further reading you can try our blog  ‘how to engage autistic children in reading’ for some more useful tips to engage young readers. 

About the author
Jacqui is a Director of OnLineTraining. Contact Jacqui at or on Twitter @Team_OLT.


About the author

Jacqui is a Director of OnLineTraining. Contact Jacqui at or on Twitter @Team_OLT.


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