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NatSIP Evaluation

Over the last two years, OLT have worked in partnership with the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) training advisory teams to deliver our online courses in HI, VI and MSI to teaching staff.

As of February 2019, 836 participants had completed their courses, with another 276 part of the way through.

Evaluation data for those who’ve finished demonstrates significantly improved confidence in their knowledge and skills – you can see pre and post-course comparisons below.

Overall Vision Impairment Hearing Impairment Multi-Sensory Impairment

Pre/Post course evaluation comparison

NatSIP MSI feedback graphs

NatSIP MSI evaluation graphs


Feedback from our participants

I believe I have an increased understanding of the difficulties experienced by pupils with multi-sensory impairments, which has probably subtly changed the way I interact with the children. I believe a wider knowledge has helped me to make relevant, positive contributions to the class, e.g. timetable, lesson content, different approaches to attempt to enable our children to access the curriculum to the best of their ability.

Teaching Assistant

This online training has certainly developed my own understanding of MSI and how I can effectively support the overall development of a child with MSI additional needs. When I enrolled onto this online learning I wanted to develop my own knowledge of MSI, i.e. descriptions of it, common causes and the implications. This online learning has provided information towards all these outcomes and has then enabled me to develop my own teaching skills to support children's needs. It has also supported my understanding of the assessment process of a child with MSI, the individual professionals I will work with within this assessment process, and my roles and responsibilities within this process.

Assistant Headteacher

This course has allowed me to focus on what resources are needed for the pupil in my class and to support his 1:1 who works more closely with him. I am more aware of his needs and difficulties on a daily basis and how this impacts not only on his learning but also his confidence in social situations. I also have more understanding of the triggers which cause him to get upset, and therefore am able to pre-empt these by preparing him in advance.

Teaching Assistant

As a result of this training I have set relevant SMART goals for the pupil I teach, which have engaged and empowered him. They are focused and tightly structured, which ensures that they are measurable. I understand some of the issues relating to field of vision issues, which have informed how I design bespoke worksheets for the pupil, particularly around scanning and skimming. The references to specialist websites has also been very useful and informative, enabling me to consider 'best practice' for the range of pupils I teach, as have the range of case studies presented.

Secondary Teacher

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