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Date 20th May 2019

We’re excited to announce that our brand-new course Supporting Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools is now available! 

It’s now estimated that three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health issue. With recent years seeing an unprecedented increase in the mental and emotional needs of children and young people this is a real source of concern for everyone working in a school. A recent State of Education Report has also confirmed that 79% of teachers in both primary and secondary schools have reported an increase in stress, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks in their pupils.

We understand that that the top priority for every school is the health and wellbeing of its pupils and staff, which is why our Supporting Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools course is designed to help build staff awareness and skills in best practice approaches to school mental health. Our course provides staff with the practical tools and strategies they need to help children who need mental health support to achieve the best possible outcomes. 

Upon completion of this course school staff will:

  • understand the potential impact of mental health on pupil outcomes
  • be able to support children and young people to improve mental health
  • recognise the impact of outside influences on mental health
  • develop a conceptual framework for supporting mental health in schools
  • be aware of specific approaches and tools that schools can adopt to support and monitor pupil wellbeing
  • create and employ your own ‘whole school approach’ action plan
  • create mentally healthy schools where pupils and teachers can thrive

Launch offer 

To celebrate the launch of our new course, we are offering 20% off all course places booked by 31st July 2019. What's more, we are also offering 100 funded places to eligible schools across the UK. Find out more about the course by visiting our course page, or for more information on funded places please click here

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