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How to manage persistent disruptive behaviour in the classroom. Enrol and save 49%

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image shows webinar host and behavioural expert Fin O'Regan

Date 13th Sep 2022

Concerned about persistent disruptive behaviour in your school or setting?

During 2020/21, the DFE reported persistent disruptive behaviour as the main factor behind 3,900 permanent exclusions and 352,500 suspensions in UK schools.

In response to this and to further support educators in understanding and managing behaviour we have launched our 3-part expert webinar to help you discover how to transform persistent disruptive behaviour in your classroom.

Hosted by leading behaviour expert Fin O’Regan, ‘Can’t Learn, Won’t learn, Don’t care’ will change how you think about persistent, disruptive behaviour, give you a toolkit of practical support strategies and help you better understand and support pupils with developmental differences. Fin will share how structure, mood, motivation, flexibility, rapport, relationships, and resilience can help those that can’t to can, those that won’t to want to, and those that don’t to do!

It’s available now as an on-demand webinar series at just £19.99 and is full of practical interventions that are perfect for teachers and support staff.

With the DFE still listing persistent disruptive behaviour as the number one reason for exclusions and suspensions there has never been a better time to join us!

OLT Back to school offer: ‘Can’t Learn, Won’t learn, Don’t care’

  • Now £19.99 for all 3 sessions (was £33.00) or just £9.99 for one session.
  • Enrol by October 12th and save 49%
  • 24/7 online learning. Study from anywhere, anytime!

Join us and you’ll walk away with…

  1. A deeper understanding of the conditions associated with persistent disruptive behaviour.
  2. Essential knowledge of conditions such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder and the overlap with other SEND needs.
  3. A toolkit of strategies for building resilience, transforming mood, and overcoming challenging behaviours in your classroom or school.
  4. Comprehend how to help your students care about their education outcomes, achieve long-term success and make a valuable contribution to their school and society at large.
  5. Gain OLT certification for your CPD portfolio evidencing 5 hours learning with a behaviour expert.
  6. On demand CPD course that fits in with your schedule…

Book now by and save 49%. Hurry! Offer ends October 12th 2022.

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