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OLT launching 'Attachment and Trauma' course

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Date 29th Mar 2018

We are excited to announce that our new course, Attachment and Trauma, is now available.

Many schools in the UK have children who may have difficulties in forming strong attachments and relationships. This can be a result of many factors, for example disrupted parenting, which can be a cause of attachment disorder and a potential source of childhood trauma.

OLT have produced this new course to enable teachers and teaching assistants to be aware of the attachment and trauma difficulties that their pupils may experience. It will give them an understanding of attachment-aware best practice, and enable their schools to work effectively with other support services that offer specialist advice and interventions for children and families.

“Attachment theory is a psychological theory focusing on interpersonal relationships between adults and children. It proposes that the quality of relationships between children and their parents, or other caregivers, can have a profound impact on the subsequent emotional and social development of the child.”

This course draws on the work and attachment-informed practice of Yarrame School in Melbourne, and builds on the model of attachment training and research carried out by Bath Spa University.

The Attachment and Trauma course will be available from 23rd April. Head to the course page for more information and to register.

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