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Date 7th Jul 2022

Originally launched by OLT, following advice from UNESCO in 2013, The Golden Teacher (GT) was developed as part of a commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Now established as a charitable incorporated organisation, independent of OLT, the GT seeks to transform education and reach as many teachers as possible in developing countries. This is part of a social commitment to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all"(UN Sustainable Development Goals SDG4).

What is the Golden Teacher?

The Golden Teacher (GT) is a web resource for teachers that is designed to work on basic web-enabled feature phones and smart phones. The delivery platform was chosen, following advice from UNESCO, to make it accessible in developing countries.

Due to the limitations of feature phones and differences in national educational policies no curriculum content is included. Instead, the GT takes teachers through a step-by-step process of formative assessment that enables them to design, deliver and evaluate a learning experience for a student or students.

Since 2017 the Golden Teacher have attended and presented at several UNESCO events, with Ben Clench, the project leader, currently promoting and networking in UNESCO headquarters in Paris at the Transforming Education Pre-Summit in preparation for the main summit in September 2022.

Find out more and donate

Find out how you or your organisation can help to transform education for developing countries and help provide an inclusive education for all by visiting the GT website

Individuals and organisations can also play their part and donate online by visiting the Funding page.

You can also like and follow the work of the Golden Teacher on Facebook

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