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Top 5 resources for Dyslexia awareness month

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Date 28th Sep 2022

With Dyslexia awareness month only a few days away, we’d like to highlight just how exceptional 2022 has been for the dyslexic community:

Firstly, 2022 was the year that LinkedIn, the world’s largest careers platform, added Dyslexic Thinking as a skill on their platform. Now, over 10,000 people have proudly added Dyslexic Thinking as a skill on LinkedIn.

Secondly, the term “Dyslexic Thinking” has now entered the dictionary. You can view the entry here.

Redefining dyslexia is just the start, and with Dyslexia awareness month taking place this October, we’d like to share our five most popular resources for teachers, parents and carers  to help raise awareness and empower dyslexic learners everywhere!


1. Listen up! A Superpowered Dyslexia Podcast
Margaret Rooke: Supporting children with Dyslexia.

Looking for something to kickstart your thinking?  We’re excited to announce a new series of themed podcasts now available on Soundcloud! We’ve launched our series with ‘Dyslexia is my superpower’ author Margaret Rooke who through her research talks to us about the ways Dyslexic children themselves like to learn! Listen now for free!
Listen to our podcast!


2. Webinar. Now available on catch up!
Supporting and empowering children and teens with dyslexia

For those of you left wanting more from our podcasts, don’t miss our free webinar session from Margaret Rooke! Supporting and empowering children and teens with dyslexia goes into even more detail around how children with dyslexia would like to approach learning in different curriculum areas. Watch on demand


3. Expert blog
What are the key indicators of dyslexia in school?

A dyslexia friendly classroom begins with a dyslexia friendly teacher! While dyslexia indicators can vary from person to person, our insightful blog shares some of the most common signs for you to look out for in every classroom.
Read our blog


4. Online course


Take your understanding of dyslexia to the next level with our online Dyslexia course, rated 4.5 out of 5 by our community. Learn how to understand, assess, and implement a range of strategies to help dyslexic learners thrive! CPD certified for 20 hours learning, our course comes with the support of an expert SEND tutor to further fulfil your experience and enhance your teaching practice!
Find out more


5 Vlog

Dyslexia and me: Hannah’s story 

If left undiagnosed dyslexia can create some real barriers to learning. Meet Hannah, a highly accomplished graduate who received a late diagnosis of dyslexia at the age of 21. In this vlog, Hannah shares her personal journey, including her late diagnosis and offers some advice for other dyslexic students.
Watch our vlog



Help support Dyslexia awareness month!

Join us this October! We’ll also be supporting teachers, parents and carers during autism awareness month by sharing resources, inspirational stories and tips and advice about how to support children and young people with autism. The good news, it's easy to get involved in four simple steps:

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